10 Fashion Trends from the 60s We'd Rather Forget

The 1960s was a tumultuous and wonderful time. A lot of things were happening that would change the world forever, like the Watts Riots, Martin Luther King Jr’s “I Have a Dream” speech, the Cuban missile crisis, and the moon landing. Some events were good while others were dangerous and scary. Naturally, we can’t forget one of the most significant things of the decade – Woodstock. Being a hippie was just something to do during this time. The free love movement opened the world up to a number of different things, including a brand-new style.

Hippies were in touch with nature, and a lot of their clothing reflected that. Flowers were everywhere, and the floral look was to die for. However, not everything hippies wore was great. Some ‘60s fashion statements were just – let’s say unnatural. Maybe they were accepted at the time, but now they’re just a huge eyesore, even for some of those that wore them back in the day.

Here are some 1960s fashion trends that were bad at the time, and we never hope to see again. If you were a hippie during the ‘60s, is there something on this list that you agree with? Did we miss something?

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