15 Hippie Fashion Statements That Are Going Mainstream

Woodstock may have been years ago, but some fashion trends come and go. Lately, many fashion designers have begun to use hippie fashion trends that haven't been popular for a while. This fashion statement may have been considered counter-cultural at the time, but now you'll be ahead of the curve if you pull them out of the closet now. Here are 15 pieces that made their first appearances at '60s music festivals but are on runways now!

1 of 15 Jewelry Layering

We're not saying to wear a lot of jewelry to your workplace. When you’re at the office, you probably want to wear minimalistic jewelry. However, after hours is when the party really begins, and the more jewelry you don, the better. The next time you go out with your girlfriends for a glass of wine and a good time, stack on the rings, bracelets, necklaces, or all three, because this boho chic trend is giving “less is more” a run for its money. Now, it isn't unusual to see someone wearing several bracelets, two or more necklaces, and rings of various sizes on their fingers. Our suggestion? Opt for natural stones like turquoise to go for the perfect hippie look.

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