15 No-Hassle Hairstyles for Women

If you could cut your hair styling time in half, think of all the things you could get done in the morning—you could drink an extra cup of coffee, spend time with your family, cook a big breakfast, or even sleep in an extra 10 or 20 minutes. We could all use a little more sleep. For women, styling your hair is one of the things that takes the longest in the morning, and it can take even longer if it's freshly washed because your hair may not have any grip or volume. But with these quick-and-easy hairstyles, you can cut down on hair time and get out the door so much quicker--and maybe less sleepy! For these tutorials, we included hairstyles for different lengths because some of us rock short hair while others adore longer locks.

Give one of these 15 styles a shot and we’re sure you won’t regret it. From elegant styles to more casual looks that still look great, these hairstyles are perfect for the woman who wants to look fabulous but simply doesn't have the time.

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