30 Fashion Tips That Will Make You Look Younger

No one wants to look older than they actually are, especially if they’re over 21. If you find yourself wearing clothes that make you look five or ten years older, we’re here to help. These are 30 fashion tips that will update your closet and make you look youthful for years to come!

Show a Little Leg

Showing a little bit of leg can make you look super young. It doesn’t have to be much and can even be a slit on the side of your dress. Consider the stars on the red carpet – many of them don a dress that shows off a little leg. Not only does it make you look younger, it also makes you look taller, and it’s never bad to look like a stunning Amazonian.

Of course, you should also search for a shoe that also lengthens your legs. Wearing platforms won't do the trick, and most closed-toe shoes make your legs look a little shorter than reality. The best option is to grab open-toed shoes with a higher heel. Shoes with lace on them or plain colors can really make your outfit pop. In turn, you’ll look absolutely stunning, especially since it shows you put some thought into your outfit. 

Image via: Pinterest

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