30 Youthful Hairstyles You Should Keep Wearing After 45

After almost five decades, you’re probably pretty familiar with your hair, particularly if you’ve had the same hairdo since your twenties. Gracefully sliding into middle age may leave you terrified of winding up with old lady hair in place of the youthful styles you used to enjoy. Fret not—the end of an era doesn’t have to be the end of your hair. Short, thin, curly, whatever: it doesn’t matter what kind of hair you have, it’s what you do with it that keeps you looking young. Here are 30 hairstyles you should definitely insist on trying out, no matter how old you are. 

1 of 30 The Bang Swoop

You are definitely never too old for your first swoopy bangs. And the best part about this style of bang? You can take it or leave it. Larger foreheads can be softened by the extra sweep of hair, arranged to cover up a lot of your brow when there’s just too much of it. Shorter bangs give you the permanent curtain; having the front of your hair cut long enough to hide with the rest of your hair but short enough to sweep off by itself gives you the option of pulling those bangs out for a special occasion. 

(image via Pinterest)

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