9 People Who Prove That Plastic Surgery Has Gone Too Far

America is obsessed with being beautiful. Actually, scratch that – the world is obsessed with being beautiful. From America to Japan, it’s all about having the perfect nose, the right amount of fat, and a chin to die for – figuratively. That isn’t to say that plastic surgery isn’t a good thing. It can be used for medical reasons to help someone become their ideal self or get back to what they once looked like after a traumatic experience.

However, it can quickly become controversial. Some people take the “to die for” part a little too literally and do whatever they can to look like something or (more often) someone they’ve seen. While many people want to look like their favorite celebrity, others want to get the appearance of childhood toys and comic book characters! That’s when things get a little much for most of us.

While we’re on board with people getting plastic surgery to make themselves more comfortable or happy, there are some that just go way too far. Someone should just intervene. These are nine people that really need to stop making appointments and take a deep breath. They prove that plastic surgery has gone a little too far.

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