30 Outrageous Romance Novel Covers

People say “don’t judge a book by the cover,” but everyone does. The cover of a book is supposed to be enticing, and it’s supposed to pull you in. That’s precisely why plain covers may not be purchased as much as creative ones. Sometimes, it can be tough to come up with a great cover. You don’t want to give away what the book is about and ruin it, but the cover should show a little taste of what’s inside.

Well, some books have a little more leeway than others. Romance novels feature hilarious art on the front, especially when compared to any other genre out there. They usually have buff guys, damsels in distress, and some…odd positioning. Don’t get us wrong – we love romance novels. We firmly believe that everyone loves the old school Harlequin romance novels. You know the ones that Fabio helped popularize. Sometimes, the cover of the book has a guy that doesn’t look unlike him.

It’s easy to go too far with these covers, and some romance novels definitely cross the line. In fact, we found 30 book covers that are so ridiculous that they left us both confused and amused. We would probably pick them up at least to look at the inside, though.