10 Reasons Ivanka Trump Would Make a Better President Than Her Dad

Donald Trump has made his fair share of questionable decisions over the course of his lifetime, but the one thing he got right was his daughter Ivanka, aka the ultimate girl boss. She is the definition of class and sets the perfect example of having (and balancing) it all: family, a strong work ethic, and a killer shoe line. Here’s why she would make a much, much, MUCH better president than dear old dad.

She's a total #GIRLBOSS.

If we’re going to get a female president, then we need one that all women can admire. Enter Ivanka Trump. She’s educated (she graduated from UPenn with a BS in economics in 2004), successful in her career, happy in her home life, and devoted to being a mentor to the thousands of women looking to emulate that kind of success in their own lives. She’s the perfect figurehead for women’s rights.

(Image via ivankatrump)

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