15 Best Films Based on Historical Events

History may not be the most exciting subject to learn about in school, but films that chronicle it are some of the best ever made. So, put down the history book and pick up the remote, it's time to explore the past in a way that only film can. Here are 15 movies based on historical events that you need to watch ASAP. 

1 of 15 15. "The Imitation Game" (2014)

Benedict Cumberbatch stars in this must-see historical film. The Imitation Game tells the largely unknown story of Alan Turing and his team, which succeeded in breaking the German Enigma code. They made it possible for the Allies to win World War II. However, the film isn't without its detractors—several historians have come forward criticizing the accuracy of certain parts. Turing's family has complained that he was portrayed as excessively socially awkward. While he had his eccentricities, in the film he was depicted as having Autism-like traits. Additionally, some have argued that the creation of the code breaking machine was much more a group effort than how it was portrayed in the movie. 

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