15 Craziest Conspiracy Theories from TV & Movies

Some people watch a TV show, enjoy it and them move on to another. For them, it’s just a pastime. Others may not move on so easily. Some viewers spend a lot of time obsessing over their favorite characters and plotlines to find out more. Maybe they have too much time on their hands, but these superfans can think of conspiracy theories and plot lines that would make the writers wonder, “Why didn’t we do that?”

Thanks to technology, these speculations spread faster than ever before. These fans are able to talk about their conspiracy theories on boards and websites, make their own ideas, and collaborate or affirm something they already knew. Sometimes, it’s all for fun, but other times, they swear that’s exactly what’s going on. After all, how could it be otherwise? There are a few coincidences that are hard to believe aren’t true. The creator scattered with hints everywhere. The writers probably wanted someone to find out.

We’ve found 15 of the craziest conspiracy theories that fans have thought up over the years, and we've listed them all just for you. They range from disturbing to fairly normal. Maybe there’s one that you think is right on the money.

The Simpsons Predicts...Everything

The Simpsons is one of the longest-running TV series that’s still running. The show debuted December 17th, 1989 and is still going strong. With over 600 episodes, the series is bound to have some coincidences. Some people took this to the extreme. Conspiracy theorists claim that they’ve been predicting the future rather than just guessing what could happen. Some of the scariest, most accurate predictions include Trump running for president (aired in 2000), Bengt Holmström winning a Nobel Prize (aired in 2010 and happened in 2016), and the 2014 Ebola outbreak (aired in 1997). All of those were right on the money, but we’re not ready to say they’re psychics yet.

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