15 George Costanza Quotes That Make You Feel Better About Your Life

Seinfeld was one of the best shows on television during its hayday. Heck, it’s still a pretty good show. We could easily relate to most of the episodes, even if they were completely ridiculous. One huge way we could relate character’s dating life. Even though Elaine and Jerry had a pretty decent dating life, no one dated more than George Costanza.

George had a total of 47 girlfriends – 47! Now that’s a lot of break ups. That wasn’t the only thing that made George stand out. He managed to always have a bad day no matter what he was involved in. From girlfriends to simply going to the doctor, this underdog could never have his day. It made us feel better about ourselves, especially if we had a rough time. At the end of the day, we could just sit back and watch him go about his day.

With that being said, certain scenes stand out more than others because they were particularly hilarious. Some the best quotes can be taken from George Costanza and his ever-hectic life. To make your day ten times better, read these 15 quotes from our favorite Seinfeld cynic that proves your life is awesome by comparison.