15 Hauntingly Beautiful Mausoleums Around The World

Most people understand what a casket is, but fewer know as much about mausoleums. That's understandable since mausoleum isn't a word that comes up in conversations all that often. A mausoleum is best defined as a burial place for multiple people. Often, mausoleums are a small structure, but others are quite grand. No matter the scale, there's an undeniable beauty about these lovingly constructed monuments. 

1 of 15 15. Westminster Abbey

Westminster, England

The Abbey wasn't built as a mausoleum, but during his reign, Henry III had the abbey rebuilt to house the relics of St. Edward the Confessor. Throughout the following years, monarchs, royals, and notable national figures, including Charles Darwin and Isaac Newton, were buried in Westminster Abbey.

(image via Better Than Bacon, CC)

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