15 Most Controversial Moments in Modern TV

Television is an art form, and because of this, people are bound to take offense to some of the ideas and images presented in their favorite shows. Here are 15 of the most controversial moments in modern television! How many have you seen?

Dolores' Rape—Westworld

Westworld is an amusement park of sorts, where humans can satisfy any fantasy. Sometimes that means creating the perfect wild west for people to explore, almost like a western Jurassic Park except there are robots instead of raptors. Well, humans also have dark thoughts, and the creators of the show jumped straight into the darkest human fantasies right from the get-go. Dolores (who is a human-looking android) is forcibly dragged into a barn and presumably raped by a Westworld guest. Some fans were angry that rape was used so gratuitously and early in the series. 

Audiences learned a lot about the park from that two minute scene. To make matters even worse, Dolores wakes up the next morning without any recollection of what had happened to her. While a little comforting, it’s was also incredibly disturbing. Those who enter the amusement park can indulge their fantasies without any consequences. Even if audiences weren't a fan, it definitely made us all question what we know.

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