15 Movies That Will Make You Ugly Cry

We watch movies to feel a range of emotions – happiness, fear, anger, and sadness. Action, horror, and comedy movies are pretty good, but only one genre can make you cry – drama. It can be a tear or two. Those movies are pretty good, but sometimes you’re just in the mood for an ugly cry. Some dramas make you feel like they broke you inside and you’re left sobbing, but somehow, it’s a good feeling. It can be cathartic to have a good cry over a movie. Afterward, you can wipe your tears away and go about your day.

Anyone who has tried to go for a nice ugly cry knows that it’s hard to find a good one. Sure, you could go for the period dramas but they can get kind of boring. Most of them are long and drawn out, and it takes forever to get to the juicy parts. If you need help, we have you covered. Over the years, we’ve seen some pretty good ugly-cry movies. Whether you want animated, teen, political, or whatever, here are 15 movies that are guaranteed to turn you into a sobbing mess. Just don’t forget to grab tissues before getting all comfortable.

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