20 Surprisingly Dark Kid Movies

Kid’s movies now are full of fun characters that wouldn’t dare cross the line. It’s all about preserving innocence and letting kids be kids, but this wasn’t always the case. This movement is actually fairly recent. Back in the day, kid’s movies weren’t so blameless or fun loving. In fact, there were some instances where the movie was really messed up. They taught lessons, but did they have to come with weeks of nightmares?

Filmmakers were desperate to capture the attention of children as an audience, but it didn’t always work out as well as they’d hoped. If you watched kid’s movies prior to the 2000s, chance are you saw some pretty shocking stuff that stuck with you.

If you were lucky, the scenes didn’t stick out when you were a kid. They went over your head like adult jokes in Disney. However, all that changes when you share the movie with your kids and realize how dark a scene really was. Yikes. It’s not something you want to expose your kids to now.

These are 20 examples of movies that were surprisingly dark while also marketing their film toward children. Click next to begin the slideshow and get remembering!

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