20 Biggest Olympic Scandals You Won’t Believe Happened

Watching the Olympics can be the closest we’ll ever get to super humans, but the games are incredibly intense. Athletes are required to compete to the best of their ability for their country, which can lead to some bad decisions. Scandals can rock the Olympics, but we’d be lying if we said it doesn’t make them a little more interesting.

1 of 20 Sochi’s Olympic Village

The 2016 Rio’s Olympic Village was bad, but Sochi’s athlete quarters in 2014 beat it out by a landslide. The budget for the entire Olympics supposedly ran into the billions, but the athletes weren’t really sure where all that money went. It surely didn't go towards construction costs for the living quarters. There were infamous tweets of side by side toilets, yellow tap water, and a hilarious tweet of Dan Wetzel trading three light bulbs for a door handle saying, “The offer is real.”

Only a year later, in February 2015, the entire Olympic Village was mostly unused and abandoned. In essence, it has become a $51 billion empty parking lot. If the goal was to make Sochi a year-round sea-side and alpine resort, the effort has failed. At least the Olympic stadium will be used again for the 2018 World Cup.

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