30 Memes That Totally Sum Up Swimsuit Season

Spring is here. There sky is blue again (and occasionally pouring rain). Allergies are acting up. You’re seeing your neighbors come out from hibernation. Your wallet has finally recovered from Christmas, just in time to save up for summer vacations. All in all, it’s a great time of year.  People are taking off their heavy, fur-lined coats and beginning to look like people again. The only problem? They can’t seem to stop taking off their clothes.

Layers and layers are just evaporating, and, oh. It’s swimsuit season. Beach trips are coming, and that means beach clothes. You’ll have to flock to the stores before all the decent swimsuits are gone. Then you’ll go through the painfully awkward process of trying those swimsuits on until you find one that fits decently enough for you to justify buying it. But before you can even wear it, you’ll need to start shaving all of those places your winter layers covered.

And don’t forget about the food. Actually, pray you can, because you forgot to get in shape this past winter and now everybody will be eating less and scrambling to get into shape fast. The gym will be crowded, but you’ll go anyway. Your pantry will be taunting, but you won’t be able to touch it. It’s spring, and that’s the best time of the year!