30 Strangest Songs of All Time

Sometimes songs are obviously strange from the get-go. Others seem cool at the time, but, looking back, are just plain odd. From bizarre subject matter to downright undecipherable lyrics, there has been no shortage of weirdness over the airwaves through the years. Now, don't get us wrong—just because a song is strange doesn't mean it's a bad song. We're not saying that all of these are stinkers (but some definitely are). That being said, there's no denying that there's something distinctly...odd about all these entries. Here are 30 of those weird-but-memorable songs!

1 of 30 "I Am the Walrus" by The Beatles (1967)

This crazy, seemingly nonsensical song has quite a simple explanation: drugs. The lyrics are, by admission, the result of several acid trips. It’s also said to be a jab at--or an homage to--Bob Dylan, whose songs often featured nonsensical phrases. Lennon also learned before writing the song that a teacher at his old school was having students analyze Beatles lyrics. He certainly gave them a lot to analyze.

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