30 Worst Films of the 1970s

The 70s brought us some of the best films we’ve ever seen, including Star Wars, Jaws, and Taxi Driver. However, with every success, there was a film that was just downright awful. From shameless knock-offs to downright bizarre story lines, let's just say the 70s were a very...interesting time for filmakers. Unfortunately, when it came to these movies, audiences and critics were less than kind to these "unique" offerings. But honestly, we can't blame them—there are some seriously "what in the world were they thinking?" type films on this list. So grab the popcorn and get ready for unremarkable special effects and so-bad-its-good acting! These are some of the worst movies that ever came from this decade.


1 of 30 Cocaine Cowboys

Cocaine Cowboys follows the leader of a rock band who has to juggle their cocaine smuggling ring while on the brink of stardom. Too bad it was directed by Ulli Lommel, the 1970s equivalent of Uwe Boll. As if that wasn’t enough, it features Andy Warhol who should stick to his day job. Somehow, he plays himself, but does it so poorly you’re unsure if it’s actually Warhol. However, he got the role because he allowed the director to film in his home, so it was neat to get a glimpse in there. But that's literally the only neat thing about the film. 

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