30 Worst Red Carpet Looks of 2017

Overall, 2017 really sucked. There were some good things, but the crap seemed to really outweigh everything from the year. Horrible natural disasters dominated the news, we lost some of our favorite performers, and fashion was pretty much trash. In summary, 2017 was a big, steaming pile of garbage. To make matters even worse, stars strutted along the red carpet and looked like…what’s a better word for rubbish? Oh, right. There isn’t one.

For some weird reason, all of our favorite actors, actresses, and celebs decided to pull whatever they had in the back of the closet—this is what I can only imagine they did. The '90s were all about tie-dye and jean jackets, the early 2000s gave us giant waist-belts and even-more-giant handbags.

For the last few years, our favorite celebrities have done a great job with their outfits, but that all changed this year. Here's what 2017 has had to offer us fashion-wise so far. From Madonna's Duck Dynasty-inspired dress at the Met Gala to Joe Jonas’ questionable facial hair at the VMAs, these are the worst looks of 2017. 

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