30 Worst TV Shows of the 1980s

The ‘80s was definitely a time to be alive, mostly because it had some of the best television we’ve ever seen. M*A*S*H went on three years into the ‘80s, but that wasn’t the only show. Viewers could also watch The Wonder Years, Magnum, P.I., The A-Team, Hill Street Blues, Miami Vice, Knight Rider, The Golden Girls, Family Ties, The Cosby Show, ALF, Dallas, Dynasty, and who could forget Cheers?  Yeah, definitely some fantastic TV, but it wasn’t all good.

While we still watch many of these classics, there are some television shows that were just horrible. Actually, horrible doesn’t even begin to explain how bad some of these series were. Even if the remote was all the way across the room, you’d get up and change the channel immediately.

Most of these shows barely last a month or two. In fact, many of them were pulled before the series had a chance to complete its first season – that’s when you know a show is pretty bad. Here are 30 shows that were just god-awful, and we hope to never see again. How many do you remember watching (probably just before you changed the channel)?

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Having a man with the ability to transform into any animal so he can help solve crimes every week sounds like a winning formula for a TV series right? If you guessed not, you were correct. After only 4 episodes, Manimal was placed on hiatus and is often listed as one of the worst sci-fi shows ever. This largely had to do with the fact that viewers felt misled by the premise of the show. He was billed as being able to turn into any animal he chose, yet for some reason,  he almost always transformed into a hawk or a black panther. What's the point of having that power if you're not going to make full use of it? 

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