7 Musicians Who Didn't Laugh at Weird Al's Parodies

When Weird Al Yankovic records his hilarious parodies of musical hits, he doesn't legally need permission from the original artists. He seeks their permission to be considerate, and most musicians respond graciously. There have been times, however, when the curly-headed accordion player has received a cold shoulder instead of laughter!

1 of 7 Billy Joel

The degree to which Billy Joel was angry at Weird Al seems to be unconfirmed, but if ever a music artist had a reason to be annoyed with Al, it's Billy Joel. "It's Still Billy Joel to Me," a parody of "It's Still Rock and Roll to Me," is arguably Weird Al's most mean-spirited work. Lyrics describe Billy Joel's music as "lame" and sounding "like trash." Thinking that he wouldn't give permission anyway, Weird Al's people never even asked.

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