Celebrity Breakups We'll Never Get Over

From Bennifer to Kermit and Miss Piggy, Hollywood power couples are breaking up left and right. It leaves us with the burning question: Is love even real? Here are the celebrity breakups we'll never get over.

1 of 18 Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green

After five years of marriage - 11 years together total - and two children together, Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green have called it quits. News of their separation broke on August 19, 2015, but according to US Weekly, the couple called it quits six months prior.

Brian is 13 years her senior, and they met when Megan was just 18. They've had a hot-and-cold relationship, breaking off their engagement in 2009 and then getting re-engaged and eventually married a year later - but five years of marriage is an eternity in Hollywood, and we really thought these two had what it took to make it last.

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