Fictional Deaths We're Still Mourning

We know our favorite fictional characters aren’t real, but that doesn’t mean their fictional deaths don’t still tear us apart. These beloved characters will live on in our hearts, but we’ll never ever get over the pain of losing them (thanks, Shonda). 

1 of 20 R.I.P. Dr. Derek Shepherd

No list of fictional deaths would be complete without the McMurder of our beloved McDreamy. Patrick Dempsey starred on Grey's Anatomy for 11 seasons (fun fact: he was in more episodes than Ellen Pompeo, who plays the show's main character, up until his final season), and was even contractionally obligated to do a 12th season - until the creator of the show, Shonda Rhimes, decided to kill him off. 

A petition was created to bring Derek Shepherd back from the fictional grave, but Shonda's not budging. So feel free to join me (and all the other true fans) in not watching the show ever again. It's just too painful.

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