Steven Tyler performing

Steven Tyler Is Still the Demon of Screamin'

Now that he’s well into his 67th year, Steven Tyler has confirmed the rumours and made our dreams come true by releasing his first country single “Love is Your Name." Tyler attributes his love of the genre to the Everly Brothers. He states in a recent interview with Twitter Music, “there’s a piece of me that just loves country so much. And I’m not sure what kind of country that is, but it’s got the fifth harmony, and anyone who knows who the Everly Brothers is – it’s those kinds of melodies that are just so, so good.” Based on the reaction to Tyler’s new song, he will be able to leave his mark on the country music industry as solidly and flawlessly as he has in rock and roll!

Regardless of Tyler’s success in the world of country music, we will always love him for bringing us classic rock gold through his band, Aerosmith. Starting in 1970, this band never disappointed for over 3 decades, producing immediate favorites for all lovers of classic rock. A few of the absolute best and most unforgettable songs include:

  1. "I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing" – released in 1997 on the album Nine Lives
  2. "Dream On" – released in 1973 on the album Aerosmith
  3. "Sweet Emotion" – released in 1975 on the album Toys in the Attic
  4. "Walk This Way" – released in 1975 on the album Toys in the Attic
  5. "Dude (Looks Like A Lady)" – released in 1987 on the album Permanent Vacation

With Steven Tyler’s past including creating classic rock history, and his future including making a name for himself within a different genre -- it’s clear to see that even at 67 years old, Tyler is a man who is hard to pin down. He's recently released the music video to his first country single, and we're glad to see it's still full of the signature Steven Tyler flair we all love.

From rocking our socks off in the 70s and 80s, to being the laughing stock of American Idol, to causing us to scratch our heads about his future in country music… there’s no doubt that Steven Tyler loves to keep us on our toes. And that’s exactly why we love him. Happy birthday to the Demon of Screamin!

(Image via hans-westbeek, CC)