15 Most Stunning Cat Breeds

Domesticated felines can be traced back to ancient Egypt held cats in the highest esteem. Today, there are more than 70 recognized breeds. From no hair to kinky locks and personalities that run the gamut, here are 15 that standout above the rest!

1 of 15 Selkirk Rex

The Selkirk Rex is a relatively new breed, originating from Miss DePesto—a curly haired kitten born to a female rescue cat in Montana in 1987. This wooly, round-eyed feline has a sturdy build and either long or short hair.  These cats can certainly grow to be large with males growing to 11-16lbs. Females are much smaller at 6-12lbs.

Selkirk Rex cats are notoriously affectionate and are great for families. Something to keep in mind is that they can shed quite a bit – like any long hair cat. Grooming can also be tough considering the curls, and grooming them regularly is a must. This breed is also full of energy and absolutely love to play. While a playful kitten sounds endearing, it can be tiring for some families. One of the biggest benefits of Selkirk Rex is that they don’t tend to vocalize often. This kitty is certainly less likely to chat compared to other breeds.

Image via: Instagram

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