20 Classic Home Decor Trends That Need to Make a Comeback

Many home decor trends from the 50s through the 80s are far from being missed, but there are a few that deserve to make a comeback. Here are 20 classic home decor trends we would love to see in modern homes!

1. Chrome Appliances

Next time you’re searching for a new toaster or Kitchenaid mixer, consider chrome. This bold, dark metal looks sleeker than stainless steel, so we would love to see more people embrace it in their homes. Plus, the hue always looks good, no matter the decade. Plus, chrome gives your kitchen that "I'm a professional chef" look, even if you struggle to get water boiling. You could be the worst cook in the world and no one would be the wiser, thanks to your shiny, high-quality metal friend chrome. Give it a try—we promise you'll never look back! 

(Image via Instagram)

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