20 Ways to Decorate Your Home for Maximum Happiness

Your surroundings play a huge role in your mood. We all know a dirty house can bring you down, but a clean and beautiful house can make you extremely happy. That's why it's important to decorate your home for maximum happiness! Since Home & Gardens can seem a little unrealistic, we found 20 easy ways you can brigthen up your home while improving your mood.

Create a Statement Entryway

The entryway is the first thing that you and guests see when coming into your home, so you should strive to make a great first impression. There are dozens of ways you can dress up your entryway. We personally like adding a chic, colorful table. A bench is also a great option if it's where you have your family or guests take off their shoes. Of course, don't forget the accessories! It can be the most fun part of any decorating experience. You can add a lamp or two, framed photos, or a 'catch-all' basket for keys and other personal items. This also gives you a fantastic chance to express your personality. You could add a painting that you particularly love and make it a conversation starter when anyone enters your home. 

(image via Instagram)

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