20 Healthy Ways to Sneak Chocolate Into Your Diet

When it came to diets, chocolate used to be an absolute no-no because of all the fat and sugar it contains. Yet, the good news is that not all chocolate is terrible for you, and it won’t wreck your diet if you indulge in it sensibly. Chocolate in itself, especially dark chocolate, has heart health benefits and cancer-fighting properties, but not all chocolate is created equal. So, when you have a craving for some chocolatey goodness, try one of these sweet treats and you won’t even have to feel the guilt later for breaking your diet.


Chocolate Almond Milk

Instead of reaching for the full-fat Dutch chocolate milk at the supermarket, buy some chocolate almond milk instead. It’s just as delicious and refreshing, plus it only has 120 calories per serving instead of the 240 calories in regular chocolate milk.

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