20 Most Harmful Plants for Pets

We absolutely love our pets. For most of us, they’re like family members that are fuzzy and walk on four legs. Unlike other human members of our family, they can’t tell us when something is bad for them. Your dog may look at chocolate like it’s the best thing on Earth (because it is), but that doesn’t mean they can eat it safely.

If you’re an avid gardener, there are actually a lot of plants that seem harmless but can cause serious health issues for your dog or cat. While some may simply cause intestinal issues, others can be much more serious and even cause death in some animals.  

We want to help keep your best friend safe by compiling a list of the most harmful plants for your pets. If you love to garden, here are 20 plants you want to avoid exposing to your animals. Additionally, we’ve listed the symptoms your pet may display if they are accidentally exposed to the plants. It may be best to familiarize yourself with them if you live near an area that grows this flora.

If your pet is exposed to any of these plants, please contact your veterinarian as soon as possible.