25 Everyday Habits to Keep Your Home Clean

At home, there's so much more to do than dishes! If you're not careful, chores are bound to pile up—it always seems like there's one more thing to add to your to-do list. From the kitchen to the bedrooms to the (somtimes icky) bathroom, your home can often feel like it needs a total revamp. But Rome wasn't built in a day, and there's no reason you've got to clean your home top to bottom in a day, either. Remember: small steps add up. If you often feel overwhelmed by the monumental cleaning tasks you face, these 20 everyday tips can help you keep your home clean!

Take off your shoes.

By leaving your shoes at the front door, you're preventing the #1 cause of outside dirt from entering into your home. The floors of public places are some of the dirtiest things around.  Think about all of the places that you go throughout a day. Your shoes have been there, too. And they bring all that dust, dirt, and grime with you when you make it home. This simple preventative measure will keep your carpets and rugs looking newer for longer. All you need is a shoe rack right inside your door or to simply carry them from your entryway to your closet.

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