25 "Tacky" Home Decor Trends That Are Actually Fine

People love to hate on things that are popular or "mainstream," and unfortunately, some really great home decor trends get unfairly judged because of how trendy they are. But when you're decorating your home, you're decorating your home—which means choosing the colors, patterns, and furniture that you love. So forget what society says and do decorate however you want to! Here are 25 home decor trends the masses have declared "tacky;" but we say they're actually, totally fine.

Visible Storage

Most people think they need to hide all of their clutter, but there are actually super cute ways of organizing it out in the open. From spice racks to shelving, the possibilities are endless. (Seriously, just look it up on Pinterest; the options will overwhelm you.)

One of the easiest ways to keep this style from looking too messy is to place items within matching containers. Similarly, if you are displaying plates and dishes on open shelves, keep them the same color to keep things from clashing and looking busy. A collection of brightly colored plates and bowls are a perfect accent for a white kitchen. You’ll also want to purchase higher-quality items; no one will be impressed by your collection of disposable dishware.

(Image via Pinterest)

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