25 "Tacky" Home Decor Trends That Are Actually Fine

People love to hate on things that are popular or "mainstream," and unfortunately, some really great home decor trends get unfairly judged because of how trendy they are. But when you're decorating your home, you're decorating your home—which means choosing the colors, patterns, and furniture that you love. So forget what society says and do decorate however you want to! Here are 25 home decor trends the masses have declared "tacky;" but we say they're actually, totally fine.

1 of 25 Patterned Sofas

While I totally get why the patterned sofa trend is deemed tacky (it became popular during the '70s, which was just a horrible time for home decor and fashion anyway), it's time to revisit it. Choosing a cute patterned sofa is a great way to liven up your living room, especially if you stick to just one or two colors for the rest of your home decor. Just pair neutral-colored pillows and throws to go with it so your color scheme doesn't get out of control!

Pro tip: When shopping for the perfect patterned couch, always go for classic, timeless patterns—aka bold stripes, simple florals, or damask. Something super “trendy” like chevron will be tacky and outdated in a few years (although who are we kidding, chevron has always been tacky).

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