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3 Easy Snacks & Meals for Back-to-School Season

When school season starts back up, things get a little crazy. Between shuttling everyone to school, extra-curricular activities, and to hang out with friends, homemade meals are hard to pull off for a parent. Luckily, with these snacks and meal kits, you can make sure your family is eating healthy, hearty foods that will keep them satisfied, energized, and focused.

1. Ozery Bakery Snacking Rounds

These bite-sized pastries are tasty, nutritious, and super convenient to send to school with your child. Whether they’re included as part of a healthy breakfast, a satisfying lunch, or a tasty after school snack, Ozery Bakery’s 3 flavors of Snacking Rounds will be hit. They’re made with whole grains and are free of artificial preservatives, so your children will only get the things that are good for them.


2. Kite Hill Yogurt Tubes

Kite Hill is the master of dairy-free yogurts and cream cheese-like spreads. Now they’re making it even easier for your dairy-intolerant children to enjoy a classic, healthy lunch staple with their new yogurt tubes. They come in strawberry-banana and wild berry flavors, are easy to open, convenient to pack in a lunch box, and even easier to eat. Your child will love these yogurt tubes and the delicious flavors. In fact, you’ll love them too—and have a hard time not sneaking a few into your own lunch.


3. Fishpeople Wildly Delicious Seafood Kits

After-school practices really mess with meal time. Some people need to eat before 6 while others are just getting home 8. With these simple seafood kits, you can whip up something tasty, and healthy, in no time. The salmon and cod packets from Fishpeople only take 15 minutes in the oven and come out with a crispy, breaded coating. Everything’s included, just like a meal subscription box, but without that pesky monthly fee. For the sustainably and environmentally conscious, the cooking dish is made of recyclable aluminum, and the box has a tracking number that allows you to see where exactly your fish came from (as well as who caught it).