cuvee coffee black and blue nitro cold brew

Cuvée Black & Blue Nitro Cold Brew: Bold But Not Bitter

Are you the kind of person who likes a coffee so rich, so hearty that it knocks you out? Well, good news! The new Black & Blue Nitro Cold Brew Coffee from Cuvée Coffee is just what you’ve been looking for.

Austin-Made and Proud

This cold brewed coffee is roasted fresh in Austin, Texas, and offers a truly unique experience. It’s nitrogenated coffee that is both creamy and strong, sweet yet dark, and, most importantly, delicious. The addition of nitrogen gives Black & Blue a taste and texture that you simply don’t find with other cold brews. In fact, the texture is so reminiscent of a freshly poured craft beer that you’ll have a hard time remembering you’re actually drinking coffee!

One-of-a-Kind from Beginning to End

Black & Blue can be found on tap in various locations, but it is also available canned. While canned cold brew coffee has a reputation for being a little on the bitter side, Black & Blue’s one-of-a-kind brewing process creates a cold coffee without harsh aftertaste. It’s as smooth as traditional coffee, but with an even stronger caffeine kick! You won’t find yourself trying to ignore any acid unpleasantries to get your energy kick. It's just pure, enjoyable, rich coffee!

Cold Brewed, But Not Limited

Black & Blue is also roasted sustainably and with wholesome ingredients. The quality makes it a great cold brew to sip over ice or to enjoy straight from the can while on the go or on the water. Combine it with your favorite creamer for a delectable treat. With Cuvée Coffee’s Black & Blue, you get an experience, a moment to enjoy yourself, as well as a much-needed caffeine boost.

Sit back, crack open a can, and enjoy the nitro-infused coffee of your caffeinated dreams!