Teenage girl smiling because her phone is protected by accessories

Five Must Have Accessories to Protect Your iPhone

Buying a new iPhone can be hard on your wallet, so it’s likely that you will want to buy accessories to protect your new mobile device. Here is a list of five accessories you may want to consider purchasing to keep your phone looking as if you just took it out of the box.

  1. Screen Protector

    A screen protector is a clear shield that sticks to the surface of the screen of your iPhone. If applied correctly, it will protect your phone’s screen from superficial scratches and scrapes. It also keeps fingerprints, oil from your skin, and any other harmful substance off the touch screen of your phone, so your screen remains clear and responsive to your touch.

  2. Waterproof Case

    All cases are not created equally, and when you are buying accessories for your new phone, you’ll need to check out waterproof cases. These protect your phone from water damage, which can wreck a phone in mere seconds. Most insurance plans do not cover water damage, so a waterproof case may be your saving grace. They can be expensive, but they cost less than replacing your iPhone.

  3. Workout Gear

    If you plan on working out with your iPhone, you’ll need to buy some workout equipment to keep it safe while you are burning calories and building muscle. You can get armbands to keep your iPhone safe and secure on your arm while you’re at the gym. This keeps your music and apps close by, but secures your phone to your body so you don’t accidentally drop it or step on it. It’s also convenient because you can be hands free during your workout.

  4. Dust Plugs

    Dust plugs are small plugs that are inserted into the headphone jack of your iPhone to keep dust from building up in your phone. They come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, so you can customize them to match your phone and your personality. They aren’t necessarily to keep water out of your headphone jack, but they do come in handy if you’re ever caught in the rain without a phone case.

  5. Car Mount

    If you’re driving and you need to answer a phone call, the best way to do so is hands free. However, it can be hard to do that without a car mount for your phone. This little gadget keeps your phone secure in your car so going around corners or stopping suddenly won’t throw your new phone straight into the floorboard. It also eliminates the risk crashing while searching for the phone that just flew across your car.