A kitchen with new counters and floors

It Can Go on My Floors and Counters? Multi- Purpose Materials

When remodeling or building your own home, you may be surprised to find out that certain materials can be used on both your floors and your countertops. It can really bring a room together to use the same materials throughout the entire space. Here are some quick facts about multi-purpose materials to help you design and build the room of your dreams.


Marble is very porous and is easily scratched. Therefore, this material is best reserved for countertop use only. Marble floors are beautiful, but can be a pain to maintain and keep clean. Marble is very easily stained and it can be difficult to keep stains off a kitchen floor. The sealant required would make for a very slippery and high-maintenance floor as well. Marble floors require runners, rugs, and special care, so this is a material that should be kept safe and clean up off the floor.


Quartz countertops are very beautiful, and it is a more cost-efficient option than marble. Quartz is a possible material for flooring and countertops, but granite is more durable and costs a little bit less than quartz. Quartz is artificially manufactured, so you can customize it as much as you want to match your flooring or countertops, and it can also be cut in any size to fit any room.


Like marble, granite requires a very thick sealant to keep stains and scratches at bay. It’s not a very cost-effective option, so this may not be the best option for multi-tasking as a countertop and a floor material. However, granite is very, very durable and is a much more logical option for flooring than marble. It does require special chemical-free cleansers, so you may end up spending more in the long run to maintain its beauty.


Concrete is the most cost-efficient material option you can choose for both countertops and flooring. You can stain concrete to match any room, and because it is so customizable you can design your room in any way you choose. Concrete looks nice on countertops and floors, so this material is really the best option to go with if you are looking for a multi-purpose material when building your home. If concrete becomes damaged, it is not difficult to fix and reseal, so this is truly the most cost-effective material you can choose.