15 Strangest Dating Websites

Online dating can be an interesting thing, but some websites can make it even weirder than you would expect. Whether you're looking for a partner based on their opinions, hobbies, or even fashion sense, there's probably a dating site for you. Here are 15 dating websites that are just a little bit odd.

Mullet Passions

Do you love mullets? Do you have a mullet? Well, Mullet Passions is the perfect dating site for you. It’s 100% free so you can use all of your money to maintain that magical hairstyle of yours. You can filter dating results based on the type of mullet (there are types?!), and also find members who enjoy “wrestling, country music, or monster trucks”.

Join groups or make posts in forums to talk about…hopefully something other than just mullets. Group topics include book and video game topics. Users can also search by gender and orientation, meaning all people are welcome to fill out a profile! Preview profiles can be accessed for free, so you can look through a few by state and decided beforehand if you really want to join. Don’t be fooled by the professional homepage, we promise Mullet Passions is all party in the back.

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