15 Myths About Introverts

There’s an old saying that says “There are two types of people.” While there’s a ton of ways you can assign people, one of the most common ways to break people up is extroverts and introverts. An extrovert is the type of person that loves being around people and chatting. On the other hand, introverts prefer to be alone and quiet. Actually, scratch that. There aren’t two different types of people. Some introverts don’t mind being around people, and some extroverts would rather listen than talk. The truth is, there are tons of different kinds of people in the world.

Introverts suffer from this the most. There are just too many stigmas attached to being an introvert from our apparent shyness to our seemingly rude behaviors. News flash! Every person on earth is different, and that includes introverts. It's about time that these myths get removed, and people start seeing the way we really are.

We’re breaking down some of the most common myths that surround being an introvert and debunking them. If you know an introvert, chances are they’ve heard some of these so-called “facts.” Get ready to learn the truth behind these 15 myths about introverts!

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