The 10 Longest-Running Celebrity Marriages

Our media is constantly filled with stories of our favorite stars divorcing. The Brangelina split was hard enough, and then Anna Farris and Chris Pratt split! Well, if you're broken up about these big-time celeb breakups, don't worry. There is still a group of celebrities making marriage work to help keep us believing in happy endings. Here are 10 celebrity couples with long marriages!

1 of 10 Rita Wilson & Tom Hanks

The super popular actor and star of Sully recently said that the secret to a successful marriage is picking the right person. Tom Hanks has been married to Rita Wilson, who starred in Sleepless in Seattle and produced the film My Big Fat Greek Wedding, for 28 years. The pair has two children together to go along with the two children Hanks had from a previous marriage.

Tom admitted that they've had their share of storms, but they've weathered them together through thick and thin! Recently, Hanks came out in an interview and said that he had a crush on her almost immediately, but was nervous talking to her because was "too vivacious, too beautiful, too popular - everything - too upbeat, too positive." Thankfully, he did meet with her, and we're all a little better for it.

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