10 Beauty and Fashion Trends Men Wore First

Have you ever wondered who invented high heels and why? They’re super uncomfortable and can kill your feet after just a few hours – if not a few minutes depending on heel size. Even though these contraptions have been around for years and years, they weren’t actually created for women! High heels are just one example of a fashion trend that men wore first and women decided to wear as their own.

In fact, several popular female beauty and fashion trends have been around for thousands of years, but most of them weren’t actually created for women! A significant number of trends were originally for men of wealth and importance. Then, later, women decided to change things up. Personally, I’m glad the tables turned, and now women have the privilege of using these amazing items.

We’ve gathered a list of 10 items that were trends men wore first, but women soon adopted.  Some of them were for a very specific reason, and we’re going to explain exactly how they were used “back in the day.” Maybe spreading the world will bring some of these fashion trends back into style for both genders!

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