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10 Delicious Foods for Healthier Hair


Salmon is great for your overall health because it contains Omega-3 fatty acids. These healthy fats cannot be produced by your body naturally, but you need them to help your hair maintain shine and fullness. Grill a piece of salmon and serve with mixed veggies for a balanced dinner or whip up some cajun salmon burgers with an avocado crema. 

Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is tasty and versatile, and it’s also packed with protein, which is excellent for your hair. The protein in greek yogurt helps your hair grow and assists in increasing circulation to your scalp. Simply top vanilla greek yogurt with raspberries and honey for a simple breakfast or use in place of sour cream on your tacos.


Leafy greens should be a regular part of your diet because they’re packed with vitamins and minerals that combat hair brittleness and retain moisture in your scalp. Spinach, kale, and chard are all great options, and they’re easy to incorporate into your diet. Throw together a spinach and lentil soup or put together some skinny spinach lasagna rolls for a nutritious, tasty meal. 


You need plenty of protein in your diet to keep your hair growing at a regular rate and to maintain thickness, and one of the best sources of lean protein is chicken. There are almost endless ways to incorporate chicken in your diet, from piping-hot chicken noodle soup to a grilled chicken salad with a cilantro lime vinaigrette.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are all the rage right now, and for good reason! Sweet potatoes have plenty of beta carotene, which has many health benefits, and you should include them in your diet to prevent dull locks. Throw together a simple sweet potato hash for breakfast or make a sweet potato black bean quinoa bowl for dinner.


Eggs cover two major bases for hair health: protein and iron. Both of these nutrients aid in strengthening your locks, and they also help your hair grow more quickly. You can easily add more eggs into your diet by making a simple veggie omelet for breakfast or topping off your burger or turkey burger with a fried egg.


Zinc is an essential nutrient for maintaining hair fullness and preventing hair loss, and one of the best sources of zinc is oysters. If raw oysters are your thing, go ahead and indulge with a bit of lemon juice, or you can put together a creamy oyster stew that everyone will enjoy.

Pork Tenderloin

Pork tenderloin is fantastic for your hair because it contains plenty of B vitamins, including folate, B6, and B12. These vitamins will help prevent breakage, excessive shedding, and slow growth. Throw a tenderloin in the crock pot with brown sugar and dijon mustard or roast it in the oven with garlic, Worcestershire sauce, and Italian herbs.


Obtaining enough iron in your diet can be a challenge, especially if you eat a vegetarian diet. Well, lentils are your answer. They contain plenty of iron and protein, which helps produce keratin. This keratin speeds up hair growth and also makes your locks stronger. Whip up some tasty red curry lentils or vegetarian lentil chili for a protein and iron-rich dinner.


Guava is packed with vitamin C, which is great for your hair because it helps prevent breakage and brittleness. Many people turn to oranges for vitamin C, but guava is even better because one cup contains more than four times the recommended daily amount. You can simply enjoy guava on its own or turn it into guava jam to spread on toast.