10 Delicious Foods for Healthier Hair

How do women get their hair so beautiful on hair commercials? It always looks so silky smooth and perfect. It’s true that behind the camera they have tons of staff that are there just to look their hair look great. A stylist straightens or curls it while the director puts lights in the right place. However, behind all that, there’s something more than the model has to do. She has to eat the right foods! These foods provide her vitamins and minerals that are essential for a healthy diet and flowing locks. A healthy body equates to healthy and happy hair!

The solution to your hair problem could be right in the grocery section of your local store instead of in the hair products aisle. If you’re tired of combating breakage, dullness, and excessive shedding, you may be lacking these ten foods. Eating more of these foods could improve the way your hair and looks to keep it healthy and gorgeous all year long – not to mention the foods are delicious!

In this list, we’re breaking down which foods you should eat and why your hair needs these vitamins and minerals to stay commercial-amazing.

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