10 Ridiculous Body Trends Every Woman Should Ignore

“Another unrealistic body standard for women.” We’re sure that you’ve heard someone say that phrase either in jest or all seriousness. The sad thing is that society is continually telling us what we should wear and what we should look like as women. It doesn’t matter if we’re driving down the street while passing a billboard or shopping at our local store, we’re constantly bombarded with body trends that aren’t healthy. Sometimes, these trends can even lead to dangerous issues and dire consequences! It’s scary to think about what could happen ten years down the line.

Since the rise of social media, women of all ages are blasted with images of what the “ideal” woman should look like. It even affects girls as young as eight years old! As beauty trends increase in popularity, body changes are becoming more prevalent, and the “perfect body” is becoming less and less obtainable.

We say that you should stop ignoring what you see in social media and feel happy in your own body. After all, if you’re comfortable with yourself, it doesn’t matter what everyone else thinks! Here are ten body trends that have become super popular all over the world that women should ignore.

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