Man wearing several unflattering fashion trends

10 Trends You Should Skip

New trends pop up on the runways every fall and trickle down to your favorite department stores soon after, but some of them are better left alone. Most of the new trends you see are well-crafted and thought out by designers to flatter a vast array of figures, but some fads do not look fashionable on anyone, men or women. If you want to stay trendy, stick to fresh styles that work, such as riding boots or palazzo pants, and avoid these fashion disasters.

  1. Acid Wash Denim.
    For reasons unknown, someone could not leave this trainwreck in the past and brought it back in 2014. Light-colored jeans are less flattering than dark ones to begin with, but when they’re haphazardly multicolored, it looks like you accidentally spilled some bleach on them and were too cheap to throw them out.
  2. Patchwork Fur.
    In moderation, fur is a fantastic trend. Yet, the fashion industry decided to take it a step further and started producing patchwork fur vests and coats. Unless you want to look like a 19th century fur trapper, keep it simple and opt for a solid fur garment.
  3. Overalls.
    They may have been cute when you were five years old, but not anymore. Yet, you can still find them in all kinds of fabrics and colors at your local boutiques. Overalls completely mask your body and make it look like a solid rectangle, so leave this garment to those whom its intended for, like farmers.
  4. Jackets Tied Around Your Waist.
    You’re six years old, running around the playground and starting to get sweaty, so you tie your windbreaker around your waist. It was practical, and you didn’t really care what you looked like anyways. Now, though, there’s no excuse. Some shops are even advertising this trend as a sort of “faux peplum.” If you really want the peplum look, just go for the real thing, not this tacky, blast from the past substitute.
  5. Camo.
    Especially in the south, camo seems to be one of the primary staples for a lot of people. Camo tanks, leggings, jackets, anything you can think of. Camouflage does not look stylish. Ever. Even if you want to go for that country look, leave the camo for deer hunting, buy yourself a flannel top, and call it a day.
  6. Oversized Layering.
    Oversized clothing and layering are both very popular trends right now, but when mixed, the result can be ghastly. It’s alright to layer a large sweater over your tops, but keep the bottom layers fitted to prevent your clothes from looking like they’re wearing you.
  7. Pattern Overload.
    Pattern mixing can give you a fun, new look if, for example, you wear a floral scarf with a striped shirt. Yet, it is easy to get carried away with it and tack on a herringbone purse and chevron pants too. Try to stick to two patterns or if you want to use three, employ subtle patterns so you don’t look like you got dressed in the dark.
  8. High Waisted Jeans.
    Some articles of clothing work when they’re high-waisted, like palazzo pants or pencil skirts, but denim does not. Not even models and celebrities can pull off this atrocity, so the majority of the general public can’t either. The infamous “mom jean” with its universally unflattering cut should be left in the 90s and never spoken of again.
  9. Velvet.
    You either love the way it feels, or you hate it, but don’t ever make the mistake of wearing it. Velvet garments, such as suits or dresses, usually fit awkwardly because the fabric does not move with your body very well. Velvet should be left to the inside of jewelry boxes and red carpets, not your wardrobe.
  10. Deep V-Necks.
    Everyone loves a casual v-neck; it looks great with a button-up underneath or a statement necklace. Always make sure that the V doesn’t go too far, though. Showing too much skin (for both men and women) looks unprofessional and tasteless.
Last Updated: September 04, 2015