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15 Best Summertime Hairstyles

Beachy Waves

Who says you have to be at the beach to rock beachy waves? These easy, breezy waves can be created through the use of salt spray or a curling iron, plus lots of tousling to achieve that volume! 

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Boxer Braids

If you don't want a single hair to find its way out of your hairstyle, you need to try out boxer braids. Boxer braids are tight, double French braids that are perfect for summer morning jogs, hikes, or, yes, boxing!

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Messy Bun

The messy bun is the perfect summertime hairstyle because it is effortlessly chic. Dress this style down by using hair ties and bobby pins, or dress it up with a chic hair piece or clip. 

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Top Knot

The top knot is the classic way to make it look like you actually tried to fix your hair when you actually spent about thirty seconds on it. This style is the perfect way to show off a great pair of earrings!

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Space Buns

Coinciding with the re-emerging popularity of the Star Wars franchise, Princess Leia’s iconic space buns are popping up everywhere. This style consists of two small buns on the back of your head, which will keep your neck cool on hot days.

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High Ponytail

The high ponytail was all over the runways recently because of its easy elegance. Pin straight, this look can walk the red carpet. Tousled and wavy, this look is perfect for just about anywhere else this summer!

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Crown Braid

Music festival season is officially upon us, so it is the perfect time of year to rock the crown braid. A crown braid is one that wraps around the crown of your head, and usually has the rest of the hair tied up in a bun or knot, so it’s perfect for festivals or windy days on the lake.

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Low-Rolled Updo

This chic hairdo is easy to create, yet looks classy enough for graduation or a wedding. This style is created by pulling your ponytail through the base of your hair from the top until the entire ponytail is wrapped around the base. 

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Knotted Ponytail

For those days when you want to just throw your hair in a ponytail and be done with it but don't want to look boring, the knotted ponytail is perfect! This style is simply two chunks of hair tied in a knot, then secured with a hair tie for a flawless finish.

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Simple Chignon

The fancy, “real” chignon is actually rather difficult to put together, but to create the simple chignon, you only have to form a low ponytail, then tuck in hair almost all the way around the base of your head. 

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Braided Bun

A braided bun has the appeal of a braid and a bun--all in one! The braid bun is created by braiding the hair, then twisting it into a bun and securing it with pins. Looks complex, but can be executed by a seven year old? That’s a win in our book!

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Twisted Half Updo

Want to keep stray strands out of your face while still showing off your lustrous hair? The twisted half-updo is for you! To create this look, gather two small sections of hair from either side of your head, twist them, then secure in the back. 

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Bubble Ponytail

It's a high fashion take on a classic style. This hairdo consists of a ponytail that has many hair bands added all the way down to create “bubbles” of hair. Wear this to a summertime work event if you really want to make a statement! 

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Double French Braid Ponytail

This hairstyle will make you feel as though you’re sipping a Mai Tai in the French Riviera! It's composed of double French braids that are secured at the base of the neck and left as free-flowing ponytails. 

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Crossover Ponytail

What an elegant twist on a classic ponytail! This style is created by pulling most of the hair into a low ponytail, then one section of hair left on either side of the head is wrapped around the ponytail and pinned underneath. 

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