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15 Craziest Wedding Dresses You’ve Ever Seen

The “Biggest, Blingiest Dress”

This dress was featured on My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding. If it had less frill, then it might not be so insane, but it’s freaking huge. The dress weighed 100 pounds, and it’s made from 500 feet of tubing, 1,200 feet of fabric, and has at least 50,000 hand-sewn crystals. 

(Image via Pinterest)

The Bright Neon Dress

When you think of wedding colors, is the first thing that comes to mind highlighter yellow? Yeah, it isn’t ours either. Still, this woman chose to go with a huge dress with an outstandingly bright color. Plus, her bodice looks like it has accents of green and red. One question: what was she thinking?

(Image via Pinterest)

The Fiery Mess Dress

Is…is that hair? Whatever it is, it looks like they shaved a Wookie from Star Wars. Add on the fact that the dress is giant, well, maybe she was going for a sci-fi theme. The colors aren’t too bad, but whatever that skirt is made of is really off-putting.

(Image via Pinterest)

The Vegas Show-Girl Dress

If your wedding dress looks like you should be on stage in Las Vegas, you’re doing something wrong. This dress is far too big, and it honestly overshadows the bride. It’s utterly unnecessary and doesn’t flatter her one bit. Also, how did she move in that thing? Did she even make it through the door?

(Image via Pinterest)

The Annoying Orange Dress

This is another dress that would look so much better if the skirt wasn’t so large…and she had picked another color other than orange. I think we can agree that safety cone orange doesn’t look good on anyone – much less someone on their big day. Also, side note, the guy seems like he insists everyone calls him “bro.”

(Image via Pinterest)

The Balloon Dress

Why would anyone decide to wear balloons on their wedding day? Maybe that was just what the bride wanted: for everyone to hear her walking down the aisle with that annoying squeaky noise that happens when you rub two balloons together. We also can’t imagine the amount of static shock that would occur if someone touched her.

(Image via Pinterest)

The Stripper Dress

There are so many things going wrong in this picture. We’ll address the dress first – is she a stripper? They could be porn stars. Either way, your wedding dress shouldn’t double as a bikini. There’s nothing classy about it. Then the groom looks so much worse. He doesn’t even have a shirt on, but that’s not the worst thing about his outfit.

(Image via Pinterest)

The Cowgirl Dress

This is what happens when you want to get married, but you want everyone to know that you’re a cowgirl. Even if she were getting married in the old West, this wouldn’t look good. Maybe if it weren’t for the umbrella and the boots, but sadly she wore them both. It’s going to be a hard pass from us, dawg.

(Image via Pinterest)

The Pink Catastrophe Dress

Honestly, this dress looks more like a sweet sixteen outfit than a wedding gown. It’s far too revealing, and the color is atrocious. Not that you can’t have a pink wedding, but maybe don’t have your dress covered in pink and rhinestones. It’s no wonder even the designer can’t believe that’s what the bride wanted.

(Image via Pinterest)

The Diaper Dress

Having kids is amazing, but the worst part about babies are the diapers. So why on God’s green Earth would you make your dress out of diapers? Considering how expensive they are, it may even be costlier to use them. We suppose you don’t have to worry about someone spilling something on your dress because it’s super absorbent.

(Image via Pinterest)

The Fairy Godmother Dress

This bride probably wanted her wedding to be unforgettable. Well, the groom sure isn’t going to forget this moment. Nothing is better than being smothered by your bride’s dress on her wedding day. Really though, we feel sorry for the poor guy. There’s just far too much fabric here for the dress to be a great idea. 

(Image via Pinterest)

The Octopus Dress

So, which designer thought this was a good idea? They should be fired. No bride wants to look like Ursula on their big day. The bodice is also extremely thin, making this a very revealing dress. It’s just a little much for a classy wedding. Heck, it’s a bit much for a sea-themed wedding.

(Image via Pinterest)

The Victorian Dress

Want to get married like it’s the 1800s? Someone will probably say yes to that, and there are some excellent period wedding dresses. This isn’t one of them. While the dress itself looks pretty good, the sleeves look like they’re ready to help the bride take flight. Those sleeves are worse than Ulrika Johnson’s wedding dress.

(Image via Pinterest)

The “I Like Gold” Dress

Just because you like gold and bling doesn’t mean you have to be married in it. This dress is beyond an eyesore. The whole design is off-putting, and the bouquet is even worse. If you look closely, you can see money instead of flowers. Nothing classes up your wedding like carrying cash to the altar.

(Image via Pinterest)

The Flame Dress

Before we judge, did her future husband could work at a car shop? That’s the only reason we can imagine that there would be those “sick” flames on the back of the dress. Maybe it’s to make her look like she’s going super fast. That brings a new meaning to a runaway bride.

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