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15 Fashion Tips That Are True All Year Round

Have a signature outfit on hand.

You know those horrible moments when you only have half an hour to get ready for a party and you hate everything in your closet? Well, having a signature outfit in mind an easy solution. Keep it simple and laundered. You’ll always have a great outfit to wear, no matter the occasion or your mood.

Laying out an outfit the night before will help you in two ways: 1) It will simplify your morning routine; 2) It gives you the proper amount of time to carefully select an outfit and any accessories you want to wear with it.

Buy statement accessories.

If you have a habit of buying neutral colors and basic garments, you should invest in some statement accessories to dress up your look. You’ll look effortlessly chic, and you won’t have to venture out of your comfort zone clothing wise. 

Buy more than one of your favorite item.

If you find the dress or pair of jeans of your dreams, buy more than one! Chances are, you’ll wear that item out within a year or two. When that time comes, you’re going to want a new version of your old favorite.

Cuff your jeans.

No matter if you’re wearing your jeans with sandals in the middle of July or with ankle boots in November, you should always cuff them. Cuffing your jeans makes them look effortlessly sophisticated and helps you avoid stuffing them into your boots. 

Think about care before you buy.

How often do you actually go to the dry cleaner? If your answer is never, don’t even bother buying clothing that says “dry clean only.” No matter how cute it is, it will sit in laundry room for eternity, never to be worn again.

Try on clothes that aren't "you."

When clothes shopping, you should always make an effort to try on at least one or two pieces that aren’t exactly “you.” If you only stick to your signature fashions, how will you ever develop and grow your sense of style? 

Add something leopard print.

Leopard print is now considered a neutral by many fashionistas, so it’s a great print to add to your closet. If you want to be extra bold, go for a leopard print dress or jacket. For a subtler look, buy a pair of leopard print flats or a clutch. 


Revive vintage pieces before wearing them.

Vintage clothing is very much in style, but before you wear your mom’s favorite dress from way back when, you may want to consider giving it a makeover. Removing buttons or adding an embellishment can be easy ways to modernize a vintage piece.

Dress up for first class.

It’s tempting to dress in your coziest sweatpants and a hoodie when you’re going on a plane ride, but you should resist that temptation if you want to increase your chances of getting upgraded. Wear jeans, a comfy silk cami, and a leather jacket or blazer to make yourself look ready for first class!



Invest in quality undergarments.

You can spend all the money in the world on a great wardrobe, but you won’t look your best if you aren’t wearing good undergarments. Buy pieces that are durable, supportive, and seamless. You will both feel and look better, guaranteed!

Combine loose and tight.

When putting together an outfit, remember that you should always combine loose and tight pieces. Wearing a loose top and skinny jeans makes for a much more balanced, sexy look than a loose top and wide-leg pants. 

Remember that studs are your friends.

Studs have a bad rap for being boring, but we think they’re anything but! Studs have the unique ability to add a touch of sparkle to your ensemble without clashing with the rest of your accessories. They look great with everything!

Ditch the low-rise jeans.

Low-Rise jeans and shorts had their day in the 2000s, so you should have donated yours long ago. High or mid-rise bottoms are significantly more comfortable and flattering. Plus, you can wear crop-tops without showing more skin than you’re comfortable with. 

Create your own lookbook.

Whenever someone gives you a compliment on your look or you just really like it, snap a photo of it and put it in a “lookbook” album. This way, you’ll have a go-to list of killer outfits to choose from when you’re in rush!

Stick to a color palette.

To make things easier on yourself, you should come up with a color palette for your wardrobe. Having a cohesive color palette means that everything matches with everything else. Plus, you’ll have a much easier time shopping for new clothes!