15 Modern Fashion Trends That Will Be Iconic in 20 Years

Today, we ogle over how iconic the fashion trends of the '70s, '80s, and '90s are. That’s part of the reason some styles make a return. A lot of the fashion from the ‘90s are currently making a return, and we’re living for it. We loved chokers because they can finish off an outfit perfectly. Multiple necklaces and bracelets embrace minimalism while also creating a focal point. Oh, and combat boots? Yes, please!

Sometimes, it’s weird to think that in 20 years, many of the styles we wear today will hold the same status. That’s just the way that fashion works. Whether it’s dumb or totally trendy now, we’re probably going to see some modern stuff in the future as retro pieces everyone should wear. Super strange, right? We dig it.

It’s time to break out your crystal ball and your most stylish top. We’re about to take a peek into the future and see which fashion trends of today will be iconic, vintage styles of tomorrow! If you have these 15 items, it may be worth it holding on to them in the long run. You never know when they’ll make another appearance

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