15 Most Time Consuming Classic Hairstyles

Getting ready in the morning takes a while, but sometimes it’s worth the time. Things nowadays look slapped together and almost like the person just rolled out of bed! That’s not much of a hairstyle, but it’s what’s trending. Hairstyles didn’t always look this way. Back in the day, women would spend time on making sure every strand of hair was in the right place. Some hairstyles didn’t take very long to put together, but others were another story.

Some classic hairstyles were just so beautiful and intricate, but they would usually take hours to replicate. Sometimes, you even had to ask someone else to help you put your hair up! It wasn’t unusual for women to help each other get ready during this time. Now, we have better products that can help us do it ourselves, thankfully. We’re not saying that you have to try these looks, but if you want to, you definitely could! At least, if you have the time to spend doing your hair – and the arm strength!

Here are 15 retro looks that are the most time consuming from the days when hair was stiff, but perfectly in place. Which one is your favorite style?

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