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15 Tips to Be the Best Dressed at Thanksgiving

Don't Wear Tight Clothes

Sure, that cute crop top and pair of high-waisted skinny jeans will look good before Thanksgiving dinner. Unfortunately, right around your third helping of stuffing, you’re not going to look or feel cute anymore. 

Dress in Warm Colors

Autumn is all about warm colors, so you’ll probably get some strange looks from your in-laws if you turn up in a bright pink sundress. Instead, rock warm hues. Marsala, rust, mustard, and brown will have you looking seasonally appropriate and chic. 

Wear a Variety of Textures

The best part about fall is being able to layer. You should take advantage of that! Layering textures not only creates visual interest, but it can also distract your overzealous mother from the fact that all of your clothes came from Goodwill. 

Skip the Belt

Even if your pants are a little too big, you probably don’t need the belt. With all the turkey, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie you’ll be eating, your stomach will soon fill out your jeans nicely. 

Dress in Layers

It’s cold outside, but it’s probably going to be a heck of a lot warmer in the house with the turkey roasting and the pies baking. It’s a good idea to dress in layers that you can take off as the day passes.

Wear Comfy Shoes

Don’t expect to sit around and watch TV while your friends and relatives do all the kitchen work! Wear flats, loafers, or flat boots so you can whip mashed potatoes and taste test appetizers without your feet giving out on you. 

Wear Minimal Jewelry

Save the (faux) diamond necklace for Christmas parties, where bling is more appropriate. Thanksgiving is about being grateful and humble, so keep your jewelry to a minimum. This will prevent your relatives from thinking you’re a show-off. 

Don't Wear White

Don’t get us wrong, we love white! However, it isn’t practical for Thanksgiving. No matter how much table etiquette you think you have, you’re probably still going to get a speck of cranberry sauce on yourself during the meal. 

Wear Leggings

Leggings may not be the most sophisticated article of clothing, but they sure are comfy. Just be sure to wear a top that’s long enough to cover your backside, otherwise you’ll never hear the end of “leggings aren’t pants.” 

Don't Wear Anything Sheer

Sheer clothing is great for nightclubs and wine bars, but not your mother-in-law’s Thanksgiving dinner. Especially if you know your in-laws are fairly conservative, it’s best to respect their values and avoid starting a fight on a holiday.

Wear a Ponytail

If you decide to wear your hair down and let your relatives be jealous of your voluminous locks, don’t be surprised when your hair starts dragging through the gravy and you get a nasty glare from your great aunt. Wear it up instead.

Skip the Scarf

You may think that scarves are the perfect Thanksgiving layering piece, but scarves pose a big problem: getting in your food. Unless you want a brown stain on your new scarf, leave it at home. 

Dress Simply

When it comes to family holidays, dressing simply is a lot better than wearing a complicated, avant garde ensemble. It just looks rude when you sit out of a game of charades because your tight, high-waisted skirt doesn’t allow you to move. 

Keep a Spare Outfit on Hand

No matter how much you plan ahead, it’s always a good idea to have a backup on hand. Grab a simple tee and a pair of jeans to keep in your car in case you somehow spill an entire decanter of red wine on your outfit. 

Figure Out the Dress Code Beforehand

You don’t want to show up to a sweatpants and t-shirt kind of affair in a dress and heels, so ask the host what the dress code is. Then, you can follow it or dress a step above!